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    Atelier Pérusse proudly creates unique furniture, using old-world techniques. Meticulous attention is paid to every construction detail and great pains are taken to build pieces of enduring quality and craftmanship. The lumber is hand picked for consistent moisture content. Every board is meticulously matched for figure and grain. Fine joinery, authentic detail and elaborate carving complement the work.

  1. Hand planing the finished surfaces imparts furniture the subtle texture of antiques

  2. All pieces employ such time proven techniques as the mortise and tenon joint. All joints are pegged

  3. Edges of panels are stained before frame or door assembly so that should the panels shink due to normal fluctuations in humidity it will be less apparent

  4. Blocks set into grooves allow the tops to move freely and not crack.

  5. Dovetail joints demonstrate a commitment to a high standard of excellence

  6. Mortise and tenon joints insure the structural integrity of our pieces

  7. Double tenon joints make for an even sturdier construction

  8. Breadboards make tops look more distinguished

  9. Wooden hinges are used when part of a table apron needs to rotate to support a leaf

  10. Use of rough-sawn lumber imparts the backs of pieces the look of antiques

  11. All dovetails are hand-cut

  12. Drawer bottoms are chamfered and in solid wood

  13. Drawers slide employing the traditionnal manner

  14. Which is wood on wood

  15. The cleat and trammel system we use allows for all shelves to be fully adjustable