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Shellac is a resinous substance exuded by a certain insect found mainly on the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the oldest finishes still in use today. Many of the beautiful antiques you see in museums use some form of shellac to produce the classic finish that is so admired.

French polish is a traditionnal method of applying shellac that uses a cloth pad to apply the finish. The smoothness, unique sheen and optical effects on colour and figure make it the most attractive of all finishes. Still today, despite the sophistication of modern finishing materials, French polish remains a finish which is highly prized and admired. However, its application is notoriously difficult and requires a lot of skill, labor and experience. A good French polisher has to be subtle, both with the finish itself and the use of colour.

Atelier Pérusse has the ability to do French polish and takes great pride in offering his clientele this most outstanding finish.

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