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Most of our painted pieces use a milk paint or an industrial acrylic paint finish. Milk paint in one form or another has been around for two thousand years. It contains natural ingredients including lime and casein, a milk protein, which gives milk paint its unique characteristics. Milk paint is solvent free, odorless when dry and its colors are permanent and non-fading. What also makes milk paint unique is that the paint is absorbed into the surface and adheres strongly to the wood fibers, resulting in a warm, soft, authentic and lasting finish that will never chip or peel.

Outstanding finishes can also be achieved with industrial acrylic paints. Used alone or with glazes, they result in finishes or great beauty and subtleties. On the practical side, colors can straight-forwardly be selected from any of the large paint manufacturer's charts of colors, making harmonization of colors in your home easier. The three finishes shown on the second row of images were all done with acrylic paint.

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