Atelier Pérusse The highest standard of authenticity

Atelier Pérusse proudly fashions traditionnal bench made, hand-finished furniture of the highest quality. Available in a broad selection of styles, woods and finishes pieces are built under the watchful eye and the steady hand of a small team of highly skilled and dedicated craftmen. From the rustic charm of country armoires to the elegance of fine period pieces you will find a passionate commitment to quality craftmanship. It is this excellence and deep understanding of furniture which Atelier Pérusse wants to share with you.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in quality furniture that will enhance your home for years to come. Our designs include chairs, dining and side tables, consoles, desks, cupboards, bookcases, cabinets, sideboards, chests, beds and more, all made in the finest of woods. We also have the ability to custom-build and finish pieces made to your exact specifications.